Docear4Word - Help us developing it

Up to now we recommended using BibTeX4Word to cite your papers in Microsoft Word. However, the installation of BibTeX4Word is complex and its use is not that user friendly (the Word add-ons from Zotero and Mendeley are much more intuitive).

Originally, we planned  to develop our own Docear4Word but we just didn’t have the time because we want to focus on Docear itself. Therefore we wrote a detailed specification of what we want to have developed. If you think you could help us (for money or even free), or if you have ideas of what is missing in the specification, please let us know.

2 comments to Docear4Word – Help us developing it

  • Abdelghani Djebbari

    I am a user, not a developer, but I have a suggestion:

    Docear is free, so why should you develop a plugin for word. I think it is suitable to make all things free, why not a plugin for LibreOffice, for example (not OpenOffice because it moved to the another world).

    …and thank you very much for all.

    Abdelghani Djebbari

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